Session Bass Player,  from Cape Town South Africa.

I started playing the violin and classical guitar when I was very young. Jimmy Hendrix made me switch to electric. As a teenager, I played Rock and Pop then later switched to African Music,  Funk, and Fusion.

Jaco Pastorius inspired me to become a bass player. I started experimenting with multi-string basses (5, 6 and 12 string) and eventually made the 6- string fretless my main axe .

I now use upright, bass Ukulele and synths a lot as well. The BOSS SY-300 guitar synth changed my life.

I use Warwick bass guitars exclusively and because of them, I own some of the finest instruments in the world. They listen to my needs and makes my dream instruments for me.

I also lectured in Music Technology, part-time at the University of Cape Town.

I am currently involved with the Paul Bothner Music’s Education wing.

Clinician for Warwick Basses and BOSS Effects.

I am blessed to have been working with some of the finest musicians on the planet.

Some of the people who influenced my music: My Father,Danny Andrews, Jaco Pastorius, Ron Carter, Earth Wind and Fire, Charles Mingus, Winston Mankunku, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Yellow Jackets, Ray Brown, Stanley Clark, Markus Miller, Dave Holland, Wes Montgomery, Anthony Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Alvin Jones, Winston Mankunku, Bazil Moses, Efrain Torro, Verdine White, Eddie Gomez, Richard Bonna, Steve Gadd, Quincy Jones, James Brown, Return to Forever, Ravi Shankar & another couple of million others.

Will add some music lessons shortly. Send me a message if you keen on me sending you some material.